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Electoral Registration - frequently asked questions

If you are in any doubt about your registration or your right to vote, please contact the ERO where advice and guidance is available. However, some questions arise more than others do and these have been replicated here as they may hopefully satisfy your enquiry.

How do I check that I'm registered to vote?

If you live in the Lothian Area, you can check by telephoning the Electoral Registration Office's general enquiry helpline on (0131) 344-2500.

Alternatively, the Register is on Public Display at the following locations:

  • Electoral Registration Office - 17a South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh EH12 9FL
  • Council Chambers - holds the register for the county / area it serves.
  • Library Headquarters - hold the register for the county / area it serves.
  • Local Libraries - hold the register for the area they serve.
  • National Library for Scotland, Edinburgh - holds the register for all of Lothian.
  • British Library in London - holds the register for all of Lothian.
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Who is eligible to be registered?

Persons eligible are: British Citizens, Citizens of other Commonwealth Countries, Citizens of the Irish Republic and Citizens of other member states of the European Union who are normally resident in the UK and who are 18 or over or will become 18 during the period the register is in force. For the Referendum on Scottish Independence, the voting age will be lowered to 16 or over.

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How do I get on the Electoral Register?

Individual Electoral Registration provides electors with the ability to register at any time by going on line at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. You may prefer to register by telephone in which case you should contact our call centre on 0131 344 2500 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday, paper forms are also available by phoning this number, or you can download forms from this website.

A canvass is also carried out every year around autumn. Every household at which persons are resident, shall receive a Household Enquiry Form. This should be completed and returned to this office. It shall also provide information on how to register.

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I've been refused credit/mortgage because I'm not on the Register - what can I do?

The ERO is obliged by law, to register all persons who are eligible, in order that they may vote in the event of an Election or referendum. The Register is a public document and as such can be inspected by anyone including credit reference agencies. Such companies are entitled by law to use the full register for credit purposes. Their procedures concerning the granting of credit may not match the criteria for registration as an Elector.

If you do not appear on the Register, it could be for a variety of legitimate reasons. If in doubt, contact the ERO and we will check for you.

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