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Revaluation - Rateable Values

Rateable Values are defined by the Valuation for Rating (Scotland) Act 1956 as:

the net annual value of any lands and heritages shall be the rent at which the lands and heritages might reasonably be expected to let from year to year if no grassum or consideration other than rent were payable in respect of the lease and if the tenant undertook to pay all rates and to bear the cost of the repairs and insurance and the other expenses, if any, necessary to maintain the lands and heritages in a state to command that rent”.

Rateable Values are provided to the local authority to allow them to calculate rates payable for your property.  Rate poundages and rate reliefs are decided by the Scottish Government.  Further information on rate poundage and relief schemes is available at www.scotland.gov.uk/revaluation

How to view Rateable Values

Take the following steps to find the rateable value for the property you are interested in.

  1. From the SAA Home Page, use the “Search for a Rateable Value” facility to find the property you are interested in.
  2. Once you have selected the particular property, click on “View More” under More Information then click on the “Rateable Value” tab to see the values that apply.

How to estimate how much you will pay in rates

  1. Find the 2017 rateable value as shown above.
  2. Once you have the rateable value displayed, click on Rates calculator at the bottom, left hand side of the screen.
  3. You will re-directed to the Scottish Government site where you will be asked to answer various questions to allow the rates payment to be calculated.