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Electoral Registration, Valuation and Council Tax within Lothian

Revaluation - Summary Valuations

In connection with the Revaluation, summary valuations are provided for subjects in the “bulk classes”, such as shops, offices and workshops/factories/stores, being repetitive type properties generally valued by reference to levels of rent paid in the market place.  Summary valuations of other subjects may be added in due course, subject to the availability of resources.

For the majority of these types of subjects the valuation is fairly straightforward, by applying a rate per square metre to the area.  What is available on-line is an analysed summary of individual valuations broken down to fit a standard presentation.  This means that the summary valuation in some instances is not an exact replica of the calculation done by the Assessor although the final value will be the same.  There will be a degree of “rounding” at stages in the valuation simply to make the presentation fit the summary valuation template.  Summary valuations are not available on-line for very large and complex subjects; those valued by reference to cost (for example, public buildings and healthcare subjects); or to factors such as turnover (pubs, hotels), throughput or output (filling stations, minerals subjects).


Please note that the summary valuations have been prepared solely for the purposes of Non-Domestic Rating and should not be used or reproduced for any other unauthorised purpose.  They are provided for information only and without prejudice to any discussions or appeal proceedings which may arise from the valuation.  They remain the property of the Assessor who has provided the details.  While reasonable efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, no warranty is given and no responsibility is accepted for any loss sustained as a result of any inaccuracy in the information.

How to view Summary Valuations

Take the following steps to find out if a summary valuation is available for the property you are interested in.

  1. From the SAA Home Pageuse the “Search for a Rateable Value” facility to find the property you are interested in.
  2. Once you have selected the particular property, click on “View More” tab to see the values that apply.
  3. If a summary valuation is available for the property, a “View Summary Valuation” link will be displayed below the Rateable Value.  If this is displayed, click on the arrow to view the summary.  When viewing the summary, an option is available to download a copy of the summary valuation.
  4. If a “View Summary Valuation” link is not displayed, then a summary valuation is not available on-line for that property.