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Valuation - frequently asked questions

How are rateable values calculated?

The Assessor has a statutory right to collect information from owners and occupiers relating to property values such as building costs, sale prices, rents etc. This information is analysed by professional staff who set the values based on this information. Practice Notes can be viewed on the Scottish Assessor's website www.saa.gov.ukand also on the Joint Board's website, here.

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What if I can't afford to pay the rateable value?

The Rateable Value is not the figure which you pay. Your bill is calculated by your local Council's Director of Finance, who multiply the Rateable Value by a figure called the Rate in the Pound which is set each year by the Scottish Parliament. Your local authority will also apply any relief's to which you may be entitled. At the present time, most rates bills are considerably lower than the figure of Rateable Value. Further details can be found on the Scottish Assessor's website www.saa.gov.ukwhich provides a link to a Business Rates calculator. You can contact your Director of Finance using the details below -

City of Ediburgh Council 0131 469 5746 nondomesticrates@edinburgh.gov.uk
West Lothian Council 01506 282020 businessrates@westlothian.gov.uk
East Lothian Council 01620 827969 rates@eastlothian.gov.uk
Midlothian Council 0131 271 3201 revenues.enquiries@midlothian.gov.uk
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My Business doesn't make as much as my neighbours. Must I pay the same rates?

The present system is a tax on the value of your property and not on the business which is carried on within it. Two shops of identical size and location would therefore pay the same in rates regardless of the profitability of the respective businesses.

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Will I be informed of my rateable value?

The Assessor is required to officially notify all proprietors, tenants and occupiers of their new Rateable Value following a Revaluation by issuing a Valuation Notice. A Valuation Notice is also sent to inform you of any changes made, for example, after you have carried out alterations to your property. Details of your valuation may be available on the Scottish Assessor's website www.saa.gov.uk.

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Where can I check on the rateable values of other properties?

The Rateable Values of all non-domestic properties in Lothian are contained in the Valuation Roll which can be inspected in the Assessor's Office, or online, via the Scottish Assessors Portal Website.

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How do I apply for Small Business Bonus Scheme Relief?

This is an area which falls under the jurisdiction of the Director of Finance within the relevant constituent council area. Contact details can be found here.

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Should I inform the Assessor about any alterations to the property?

This is advisable, as it may be that your Rateable Value will be reduced if, for example, you reduce the size of your property by demolition or, in certain cases, by letting out any part of it. Contact details can be found on our Contact page.

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How can I appeal?

The best way to lodge an appeal is through the Scottish Assessors Association web portal at www.saa.gov.uk. Alternatively, an appeal can be lodged in writing or by submitting an e-mail to appeals@lothian-vjb.gov.uk

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How long do I have, to submit a Revaluation appeal?

For a Revaluation 2017 appeal, you have until the 30th September 2017, to lodge your appeal.

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How long will it take my appeal to be heard?

The Assessor expects to receive a large number of appeals and these will be dealt with in accordance with the timetable laid down by statute - for example, all Revaluation appeals require to be dealt with by 31st December 2020. It may be some time before your appeal is heard. If you have received an acknowledgement that your appeal has been received, your rights are protected and a member of Staff will be in touch in due course.

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Further details regarding the 2017 Revaluation Appeal Programme can be found here.